Check for Errors

The project error check searches the project for potential problems and displays a list of any errors it finds. This function primarily searches for corrupt objects, missing files, and photos and text that extend beyond the edge of the page canvas.

1.       Click on the Check for Errors icon in the Check Project section of the Design Tools or choose Check Project > Check Project for Errors from the menu.

2.       PrintMaster checks the project.

3.       When it has finished, PrintMaster displays a printable list of errors.

Common Errors:

·          File is missing from the project folder. If you receive this error, it is because an object file (photo or text) is missing. If the project is missing a large number of objects, contact Technical Support for assistance ( If there are only a few missing objects, make a note of the missing objects’ locations or print the error log, locate the missing objects on their respective pages (photos will be replaced by a dark gray box and text by a yellow box), and replace them with the original file or text.

·          Photo - <Name of file>: This object is partly or completely off the page. This error indicates that a photo (or other object, if indicated) has been pushed off the edge of a page. Check to see if an important part of the photo is not visible on the page. If so, select the photo and move it back onto the page.

·          Text Box - "<Excerpt of text>": This object is partly or completely off the page. This indicates that part of text box may be off the page, possibly making the text unreadable. Move the box fully on the page to show all of the text.

If you have questions, go to the technical support website at