Choose Color

A number of functions provide advanced color choices through PrintMasterís Choose Color dialog.


The Choose Color window will open when you:

          Click on the Change Color button in the Text or the Shapes and Lines sections of the Design Tools.

          Choose the Color category in the Backgrounds section of the Design Tools.

          Click on the Change button next to Color when adding a shadow to a photo, a shape, or text.

          Click on the Change button next to Color in the Mat Properties dialog when a shape or photo is selected.


Swatches Tab

The easiest way to select colors is to click on one of the color squares on the Swatches tab.

For this or any other method of choosing colors, the Preview area will show the chosen color; the top color on the right is the original color and the bottom color is the newly selected color.


HSB(short for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness) is useful for adding or removing white, black, and gray in the color, as well as lightening and darkening a color.

          Move the slider next to the color bar up and down to choose the desired hue or type it into the H field.

          Click on the circle in the large color box and drag it around to add or remove white, black, and gray.

          You may type values directly into the HSB boxes, or click on the up and down arrows next to the box.


RGB (short for Red, Green, and Blue) is a standard method of choosing colors.

          Move each slider bar (Red, Green, and Blue) back and forth to add or reduce the amount of each color in the composite color.

          An absence of the color is 0, while 255 represents the maximum amount of that color.

Picker Tab (only available in PrintMaster Platinum)

This tab allows you to pick a specific color that is on the current page.

          Move your mouse around in the page view area at the top left of the tab.

          The zoom area at the top right of the tab will show a pixel by pixel view of your cursorís position in the page view area.

          To select a color, move the mouse around in the page preview area and click (left mouse button) when the black crosshair is over the color you would like to select. The color will now appear in the Preview area at the bottom of the window.

          To select a different color, repeat the last step by clicking when the crosshair is over the desired color.

          If the current page does not have the color you want, click on the Prev or Next buttons to move to a different page.

Favorites Tab

PrintMaster allows you to store your favorite colors.

          To save a color to the Favorites tab, pick a color on any of the other tabs and click on the Add to Favorites button.

          PrintMaster will store up to 20 favorite colors. After you have used all 20 slots, the oldest color will be removed the next time you add a new color to your favorites.

          To choose a color from the Favorites tab, click on the color square.

Gradient Tab

Some color selections include a gradient option.

The top horizontal color bar shows the current gradient. The small squares above the bar are the gradient colors. A gradient in its simplest form is a smooth blend between 2 colors.


The gradient can be modified in the following ways:

        Click on a color square to change it. After clicking on a color square:

        Click on the Add or Delete buttons to add or delete additional colors to the gradient (the gradient can consist of many colors blending together).

        Click on a color box and hold down the mouse button while dragging to move the position of the gradient color.


In the Preview area:

        Choose an option from the Style box to determine how the gradient will fill the headline text.

        Drag the small circles in the right side preview area to determine the direction and the length of the gradient.

        The Type options will determine how the gradient repeats, if the gradient length is set to make it repeat. Choosing None will only apply the gradient in between the two circles. Choosing Reflect will repeat the gradient, alternating left to right and then right to left.  Choosing Repeat will start the gradient over, working left to right every time.

        Click OK to apply the gradient.


After selecting the desired color in any of the tabs, click OK.