Creating a Project from Scratch

The CREATE FROM SCRATCH option allows you to begin working with your project immediately.


If the New Project Options window is not open, choose File > New Project from the menu and click on the CREATE FROM SCRATCH button.


1.       In the New Project Name dialog:

           Type a name in the Project Name box. When PrintMaster creates your project, this will be the name of the project folder. You will not be able to create two projects with the same name in the same folder.

           Click on the Change Location button to choose a location for your project or make a note of the default location. Browse to a folder in the Open dialog, select it, and click the Select Folder button.

         Choose an option from the Project type drop-down menu. This will populate the Size list with the most common sizes for the chosen type.

         Choose a size from the Sizes drop-down menu or click on Custom to set your own size. Sizes that have a next to them can be uploaded to a website for professional printing.

         To define a custom size, click on the arrows next to the numbers in the Width and Height boxes or type a number directly into the boxes.

           When finished, click OK.

2.       PrintMaster will now display the project. See the following topics for information on typical starting points:

Adding Photos

Adding a Page