Grid/Ruler Tab

Choose the settings for rulers and the page grid.

·          Choose an option from the Display Ruler and Grid in option (pixels, inches, or millimeters). This will be the default display unit for rulers in all projects.

·          Adjust the settings for the current project’s rulers by clicking on the up/down arrows next to the Horizontal/Vertical numbers in the Ruler Size item. Alternately, type a number directly into the field and hit Enter (Return on the Mac) on the keyboard.

Note: The Ruler Size setting is only a visual aid. It does not actually change the size of the project. Portrait and landscape projects may be printed up to 8.5”x11” and square projects may be printed up to 12”x12”, regardless of the ruler setting.

·          Choose Show Grid to display grid lines on the page canvas to help align objects.

·          Choose Snap to Grid to have objects line up with the nearest grid line when you move them. The top, left corner of the object being moved will align with the grid.

·          Use the Grid Size slider to determine how far apart the grid lines are.