Importing Pages

Use the import function to copy a page (or pages) from another project into the current project, or to combine projects. Importing pages will also copy the pagesí background images.


To import a page:

1.       Choose Insert > Import from My Projects from the menu.

2.       In the Import Pages window:

          Click on the open folder icon at the top right of the window to browse for the project containing the pages to import.

          In the Import from other Project window, double-click on the name of a project or click on the name of a project folder and then click on the Open Project button.

          The Import Pages window will now display all available pages in the Select the pages to import area. Click on a page name to select it. To select multiple pages in sequence, click on the first page and then hold the Shift key while clicking on the last page. Select multiple non-sequential pages by holding down the Ctrl key (Command key on the Mac) as you click on pages.

           Check the Show Preview box to see what the selected page looks like. If multiple pages are selected, only the first selected page will be shown.

           Click on one of the placement options (end of project, after current page) to choose the initial location for the imported page(s). Pages may be moved or reordered later (see Page Order).

           When you are satisfied with your selections, click on the Import button. You may repeat the Import action for other pages or projects without closing the Import Pages window. To import from another project, simply choose another project by clicking on the open folder icon at the top of the window.

           When finished importing, click the Close button. The imported pages will be in the current project in the location you selected.