Photo Album

IMPORTANT: There is a 100 page maximum for hard bound photo albums and a 26 page minimum for all photo albums.


After choosing Photo Album, the Photo Album Wizard will appear. Read the summary and notes. Click on the Photo Album Guide button to view your project with guides that will show which parts of your project may get trimmed in a photo album.


Click Next in the Welcome screen to continue.


The Page Selection step is next.


Select which project pages to upload using the options in this step:

          The Select All button will mark all pages for printing.

          The Clear All button will clear all pages from printing.

          Alternately, type a range of pages in the Page range field. To indicate a range of pages (e.g. from page 2 through page 5), put a dash in between the page numbers (2-5). You may also enter specific page numbers, separated by commas (1,4,6) or a combination of ranges and individual pages (1-3,5).

          You may also directly check the box in the upper left corner of each project page preview to mark the page for printing.

Click on Next to continue.


The Cover Type step is next.

Choose a cover type. Click Next.


The next step gives you an opportunity to change the order of the pages.

To change the order of the pages:

1.       Click with the mouse on a page in the row of page thumbnails and hold the mouse button down as you drag the page to a new position.

2.       As you move the current page, the other pages will be automatically rearranged to show where the page will be placed.

3.       Release the mouse button to place the page. PrintMaster will move the page to its new position.


        The upper right side of the window will show a preview of the current page in the context of how it will be printed in the book.

        Click on the Blank Page icon  to add a new page to the book. This can help maintain page spreads.

        Click on the Delete icon  to remove the current page from the photo album. It will not be uploaded and printed.

        Click Next to continue.


The Cover Options step is next.

The following cover options apply only to hard bound books with a photo cover:

        Spine Color: Click on a color square to choose the color of the spine. For more options, click on the More Colors button.

        Spine Text: The spine text is what you will see when the photo album is sitting on a shelf. Type in the text you would like in the Spine Text field. Click the No spine text checkbox if you do not want to print anything on the spine.

        Spine Text Color: Choose the color for the spine text by clicking on one of the options next to Spine Text Color.

        Spine Font: Choose a font and size for the spine text from the drop-down menus.

        Click the Next button.


The Image Quality step is next.

Drag the slider to choose a quality setting. The higher percentages create sharper, more accurate files, but the files will take up more disk space and will take longer to upload to the printing website. Lower percentages will create smaller files, but the files may have a noticeable grainy or blurry character. For good printing results choose 80% or higher. Click the Next button to continue.


In the Output Location step PrintMaster will prompt you to choose an output location for a backup of the project page image files it creates. Double-click on a folder to open and select it. Click the Next button to continue.


In the Summary screen, confirm that you have approved your project pages by checking the box and then click the Finish button.


At this point PrintMaster will launch the photo album website (Internet connection required), where you will enter the remainder of the information for your order.