Using the Ready-Made Template Wizard

The Ready-Made Template process creates a project from professionally-designed page layouts. In addition to choosing the Ready-Made Template to use as a basis for your project, you can customize the page order and choose whether to place photos automatically during the Ready-Made Template creation, or individually afterwards.


The Project Wizard will guide you through the steps of creating a new project. If the Project Wizard is not already open, you can get to it by choosing File > New Project from the menu and clicking on CREATE FROM A READY-MADE TEMPLATE.


Step 1: Selecting a Project Type

In this step you will choose the type of project and Ready-Made Template that will be the basis for your project. The list shows the available choices.

        Click on a project type from the list at the top left of the window to see available choices.

        Click on the plus symbol or arrow next to a type to display subcategories of the project type.

          Click on a template name in the top right part of the window. A preview will appear in the lower part of the screen.

          When you have chosen the template you would like to use, click Next.


Step 2: Inserting Photos

Choose a method for adding photos to your project: automatically or individually.

          Click on the Pick and Click: Insert Photos Individually option to immediately create the project without photos. The project pages will have photo boxes that you can double-click to add your photos. See Adding Photos for more information. After choosing Insert Photos Individually, click the Next button and skip to Step 3: Naming the Project.

          Click on the AutoFill: Insert Photos Automatically option to add photos automatically during the creation of the project. Click on the Next button and see the Choosing Photos instructions below.

Choosing Photos

If you chose the Insert Photos Automatically option, you will now be prompted to choose the photos to add during project creation in the Add Photos window.

          Choose the folder with your photos using the left side of the Add Photos window (or from the drop-down menu at the top).

          Click on the thumbnails of your photos on the right side of the window to select them (you may select more than one) or click on the Select All button at the bottom of the window. Click on OK to add the photos to your project.

Organizing Photos

The Organize Photos window allows you to add more photos, remove, rearrange, or rotate photos.

          Click on the Add Photos button to add more photos.

          To remove a photo from the project, click on the photo thumbnail in the preview pane and then click on the Remove button.

          Photos will be placed on pages in the order that they appear in the preview pane. To rearrange photos, click on a photo thumbnail, hold the mouse button down, and drag the photo to a new position. A green line will show where the photo will be placed.

          Another method for setting the order of the photos is to click on either the Name or the Date button to sort photos accordingly.

          If a photo is sideways, click on its thumbnail in the preview pane and then click the Rotate 90 button. To select multiple photos, hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on the Mac) as you click on the thumbnails.


Click the Next button when you have finished adding and organizing photos.


Step 3: Naming the Project

          Type a name in the Project Name box. When PrintMaster creates your project, this will be the name of the project folder. You will not be able to create two projects with the same name in the same folder.

          Click on the Change Location button to choose a location for your project (or make a note of the default location). Browse to a folder in the Open dialog, click on it, and click the Select Folder button.

When you have made your choices, click on the Finish button.

Project Creation

PrintMaster will now create the project. This process may take a few moments. When the project is complete, PrintMaster will display the project. The Page Canvas will display the first page of the project, while a preview image of all the other project pages will appear in the Page Thumbnails bar near the bottom of the screen.


To begin editing pages and photos, see the topics starting with Project Pages.