Shadow Tab

Choose the default shadow settings for photos and clip art.

          Drag the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency of the shadow. Higher values for the slider make the shadow more opaque (darker); lower values make it more transparent.

          Drag the Blur slider to adjust the depth of the shadow around the edges. Lower values for the slider make the shadow darker around the edges, while higher values lighten the shadow edge.

          Click on the Shadow Color square to adjust the hue of the shadow.

          To move the shadow, click and hold the mouse down in the white box area as you move the mouse. You may also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the shadow.

          Checking the Add shadows by default (photos only) box will apply a shadow with the default settings to all photos you add to pages.

          To indicate which page object types the shadow settings will affect, check the boxes under Apply above settings to.

          Click on the Reset to System Default button to clear any custom default shadow settings.

          Click Apply or OK to apply the default shadow settings.