Share Project

PrintMaster provides a number of ways to share your project with family and friends. The descriptions of each output option are provided below.



Print the entire project, or individual pages, on your home computerís printer. To print your project, click on the Print option and see Print to continue.



This option will save each project page as a JPEG or PNG image file, which can be stored on your computer or sent to family and friends. To create the images, click on the Export option and see Export to continue.


Photo Album

This option will save each page as a high quality image file which will be uploaded to the photo album website to be made into a hardbound book. To create files for a photo album, click on the Photo Album option and see Photo Album to continue.


Greeting Card

Output a page of your project as a greeting card. This service allows you to order printed greeting cards, which can be mailed to family and friends. To create a greeting card, click on the Greeting Card option and see Greeting Card to continue.



To have your project made into a calendar, click on the Calendar option and see Calendar to continue.