Starting a Project

When you first open PrintMaster, a welcome screen appears.



New Project Options

There are two options when creating a new project. Click on one of the two buttons to continue.


Select this option to create a project using professionally-designed layouts with a theme of your choice. Insert your photos automatically during project creation, or add them individually. See Using the Ready-Made Template Wizard to continue with this option. Ready-Made Templates are only a starting point; you retain the full ability to add, delete, or move page objects.


The CREATE FROM SCRATCH option gives you complete control over all design decisions. Choose this to begin creating your page one element at a time. See Creating a Project from Scratch to continue with this option.


Recent Projects

To continue working on an existing project, click on one of the project thumbnails. Note: Hovering the mouse cursor over a project thumbnail will display its name. See Opening a Project for more information.